Presidency condemns filmed incident of stripped protester

Ahram Online , Saturday 2 Feb 2013

Egyptian presidency asserts in press release that state policy is to prohibit torture, warning against attempts to capitalise on regretful incidents of violations

The Egyptian presidency released a statement Saturday condemning the dragging and beating of a naked citizen by police, documented in televised footage released from Friday's clashes at the presidential palace.

"The presidency was pained by the shocking footage of policemen dragging a protester in a way inconsistent with dignity and human rights," the statement reads.

The presidency statement further underlined that it "works on enforcing constitutional articles that prohibit torture, intimidation or harming individuals physically or psychologically."

The statement praised the Ministry of Interior statement assuring that the incident, which has caused public uproar, is an isolated incident that does not represent police policies and that an investigation has been ordered into the case.

The presidency added, however, that "it is unacceptable to capitalise on individual acts denounced by everybody to justify violence and criminal acts of attacking institutions."

"We are awaiting the outcome of the probe, which should be announced with transparency in accordance with January 25 Revolution goals," the statement added.

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