Maadi police officer detained pending investigation

Ahram Online, Friday 25 Feb 2011

The police officer accused of shooting a microbus driver in Maadi yesterday, will be detained for four days, while investigations are undertaken

Basateen prosecution has decided to detain the police officer accused of shooting and killing of a microbus driver in Maadi yesterday, for four days pending investigation.

According to the investigation, a fight erupted between police officer Salah El Din Ashraf El Segeeny and the driver Atef El Sayed Ibrahim over a minor traffic disagreement. The prosecution has ordered that the bullet and rifle used to commit the crime be brought immediately and used to aid the investigation.

When the murder took place yesterday, angry Maadi residents burned the car owned by the police officer and another police car. Many residents also gathered in Gazayar Square in Maadi, where they chanted against the Ministry of Interior.

The residents also tried to set fire to Maadi police station, but the armed forces created a security cordon around the station and stopped the protesters from reaching it.

Several pedestrians who witnessed the crime claim that the accused officer smelled of alcohol and that a bottle of alcohol was allegedly found in his car. They also claimed that El Segeeny had tried to escape, but the residents stopped him.

The Minister of Interior, Mahmoud Wagdy banned El Segeeny from conducting his work in the police force.

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