Tahrir Doctors head says killing of activist Kristy was premeditated

Ahram Online , Thursday 7 Feb 2013

Coming amid a wave of murders of key activists, Mohamed Fetouh alleges that Mohamed El-Qorany (nicknamed Kristy) was singled out for targeted assassination

Critic argues death of activist Kristy was perpetrated
Activist Mohamed Qorany- also known as Kristy (Photo: Ahram Arabic news website)

The head of the Tahrir Doctors Association, Mohamed Fetouh, has alleged that association member Mohamed El-Qorany was subject to "premeditated murder."

Qorany, also known as Kristy, was killed during recent clashes in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Cairo's Heliopolis district.

In a statement Thursday on his Facebook page, Fetouh cited multiple reasons for the allegation.

According to Fetouh, Kristy was among the most influential activists. He was also, Fetouh says, one of the founding and most prominent members of the Ikhwan Kazeboon (Liar Brotherhood) Facebook page that has played a significant role in uncovering the hypocrisy of the Islamist group and President Morsi who belongs to it.

"Not only was Kristy a social network activist, but he was also one of the most engaged, impulsive activists on the ground. This could have made tracking him an easy task amid the numerous recent penetrations of active revolutionary groups by security bodies and the Brotherhood," Fetouh said.

Fetouh also alleged the Kristy was the only one who was shot the day he died, ruling out any likelihood of him being indiscriminately killed.

"Given the timeline of events, repeated killings of activists, and the similarity of the tactic too, such facts should not be denied," he added.

Fetouh censured authorities for not holding culprits to account, which — according to him — casts suspicion of attempts to cover up the goals behind such murders.

Several young activists have been killed recently, arousing doubts that the killings are a coincidence.

On Monday, Mohamed El-Gendy, 28, a member of the Popular Current, died after he was tortured in police custody following his arrest at a protest in Tahrir Square on 27 January. 

Another member of the current, Amr Saad, died on Sunday after being injured during Friday's clashes outside the presidential palace in Heliopolis, Cairo. 

In December 2012, photojournalist Al-Hosseini Abu Deif , 33, was killed while covering clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi after he was shot by unknown assailants using live ammunition.

Critics at the time argued that Abu Deif, who was also a member of the leftist Kefaya movement, was "targeted and assassinated" by the Muslim Brotherhood for documenting the group's violations and assaults on protesters.


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