Hundreds gather in Tahrir in preparation for mass protests

Ahram Online , Friday 8 Feb 2013

Anti-government protesters prepare for 'Friday of human dignity'

Hundreds have gathered in Tahrir Square in preparation for the anti-government protests called for by a number of political groups, including the National Salvation Front (NSF).

Only one stage has so far been erected in the square, located at the entrance of Mohamed Mahmoud.

Banners in the square read "the people want to topple the regime" and "down with the traitors and liars."

The planned rallies will march from different locations in Cairo to Tahrir, and to the presidential palace in Heliopolis.

Demonstrations are also planned in other cities including Alexandria, Tanta and Suez.

Opposition groups christened the protests 'the Friday of human dignity.'

The call comes after widely published reports of human rights violations against protesters involved in recent anti-government protests, including reports of torture.

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