Gamaa Islamiya party calls for friday of 'together against violence'

Ahram Online, Monday 11 Feb 2013

The Construction and Development Party calls on all the Islamist currents, revolutionary youth, and Islamist leaders to support Al Azhar document against violence infront of the Cairo University

The Construction and Development Party said on Monday it is preparing for a million man march next Friday under the banner "together against violence...the peaceful revolution continues," media spokesman Khaled El-Sherif said. 

The Party is calling on all the Islamist groups, revolutionary youth [ including Wael Ghoneim and Abdel Rahman Youssef] , and Islamist leaders to paricipate in the million man march, to support Al-Azhar document against violence infront of the Cairo University, in Giza district.

The party said its goal was to achieve stability, maintain security, support the democratic transition, stop the violence and end the division the country is witnessing.

Gamaa Islamiya's Aboud El-Zomor said that participating in the Friday march should be considered a "national duty" for those who want to achieve stability. El-Zomor added the coming mass demonstrations will act as an example for expressing opinion without deviating from the peaceful path of the revolution.

A number of protests are expected to march from several districts near Cairo university after Friday prayers including El-Rahma mosque in Haram, El-Istiqama Mosque in Giza, Salah El-Din Mosque Manial, and Asad Ibn El-Forat Mosque in Dokki.

El-Sherif explained the party has printed stickers and posters to rally the public in Cairo and the other governorates to participate in the march.

The party's mediaspokesman explained that popular committees have been already formed to ensure the safety of protesters.

El-Sherif also called on Sheikh Mohamed El-Oreify, a well known Saudi Clerc, to give the Friday sermon at the rally.

The party's media spokesman also invited influential Salafist preacher Mohamed Hassan to participate in the march.

Earlier in January, Al-Azhar proposed an initiative to end ongoing violence and political crisis. The initiative was endorsed by the opposition's National Salvation Front. 

Egypt has been gripped by violence since the second commemoration of January 25 revolution, which has left tens dead and hundreds injured.

The Gamaa Islamiya had called for mass protests last Friday but had to cancel after several Islamist parties rejected the call. The group said it would postpone the demonstrations another week to give itself time to mobilise. 

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