ElBaradei condemns police torture under Morsi's rule

Ahram Online, Wednesday 20 Feb 2013

Leading opposition figure denounces new allegations of torture by police, saying it marks the return of 'dark ages of brutality'

Mohammed ElBaradei
Leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei (Photo: AP)

Opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei has condemned what he described as the continuation of "police brutality," in the wake of fresh allegation of physical and psychological abuses committed at the hands of law enforcers.

“Sustained inhumane torture escalating in violation of all international conventions & legal norms. Back to dark ages of brutality,” said the prominent reform campaigner and founder of the Constitution Party in English on his Twitter account, after a video circulated of a young man who claimed to have been kidnapped and tortured at the hands of the police.

Ayman Mahni said that he was subject to electric shocks and forced to "act like a dog" by police officers at a Central Security Forces camp after being arrested while passing nearby the clashes that took place at the presidential palace on 1 February.

He said he knew it was a Central Security Forces camp because he had served in one during his mandatory army service.  

ElBaradei described the continuation of police torture, one of the sparks of the January 25 revolution, as a "return to the dark ages and a loss of the legitimacy of the ruling regime."

ElBaradei, who has been a staunch critic of President Mohamed Morsi, urged the president "to immediately establish an independent commission to investigate barbaric torture against detainees."

He added, in Arabic: “The people and the world will not stand in silence.”

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