Suez martyrs’ families refuse compensation

Ahram Portal, Monday 28 Feb 2011

Wealthy member of former ruling Egyptian party, NDP, allegedly shot and killed protesters in Suez himself. Martyrs' families refuse to be bought out

January 25 martyrs’ families refuse LE9m compensation from Egyptian businessman and National Democratic Party member, Ibrahim Farag.

Farag is said to have stood on the roof of a building and shot at protesters down below.

Each martyrs’ family, announced Farag, would receive LE1m, which they rejected.

“Nothing can make up for my son’s death,” stated Mohamed Ahmed Youssef’s mother. She added that Farag’s money is nothing compared to the brutal way he killed him.

The martyrs’ families blame not only Farag, but all NDP members for their corrupt and brutal policies against the uprising.

Moreover, the families stated that they will press charges against Farag and won’t accept any compensation.

Farag and his family have fled since the first Friday of protests in Egypt, known as “The Day of Anger.”

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