ElBaradei: NSF is implementing a plan for Egypt election boycott

Ahram Online, Wednesday 27 Feb 2013

Egypt's main opposition bloc has said it will boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections but will also provide an alternative course for the country

Mohamed ElBaradei, founder of the Constitution Party and leading member of opposition bloc the National Salvation Front (NSF), wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday that the National Salvation Front (NSF) is currently preparing a plan of action to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections and will also propose an alternative political course to the public.

"We will not deceive the people by participating in a fake democracy, regardless of interior or foreign pressures," he added.

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama urged Egypt's Mohamed Morsi to protect democratic principles in Egypt and work to build political consensus as he prepares for parliamentary elections.

The NSF announced on Tuesday that they would boycott the upcoming elections, scheduled to start on 22 April, on the grounds that the elections law under which they are being held is unconstitutional.

On 18 February, the High Constitutional Court (HCC) ruled that as many as ten articles of two draft laws regulating parliamentary polls run counter to the newly-approved constitution.

The Islamist-led upper house of parliament passed the law on Thursday after making some changes to comply with the HCC's ruling. President Morsi signed the draft legislation into law on the same day.

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