Amr Moussa to run for president

Ahmed Eleiba , Sunday 27 Feb 2011

The secretary-general of the Arab League declares his intention to run in Egypt's presidential elections in light of the constitutional amendments announced on Saturday

Amr Moussa
(Photo: Reuters)

"These amendments are being discussed, but the door is now open for any Egyptian to run for president. I intend to do so but the decision will be announced at the appropriate time", said Moussa Sunday in a press conference at the headquarters of the pan-Arab organisation.

Moussa said he is inclined towards presidential elections before parliamentary ones,"But this should not be the main debate now. It is more important to end the interim period as soon as possible and have a fresh start for Egypt."

The 74 year-old popular candidate-to-be said he's not worried about the revolution. Rather worried for the revolution. "I have great esteem for the revolution. I met with officials from Asia, America, Europe and Africa who all expressed their admiration for it", adding that he would rather call the counter revolution a "conspiracy".

Moussa also stressed that there will be an Egyptian candidate to replace him as the Arab League's secretary-general, when his mandate ends in 2011.

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