Egypt’s president denounces discrimination against unveiled student

Ahram Online, Thursday 28 Feb 2013

President Mohamed Morsi condemns recent discrimination incident against a student in Alexandria for not wearing Islamic veil

Student Heba Mohamed (Photo: video snapshot)

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi denounced the mistreatment of young student Heba Mohamed, who was discriminated against for being unveiled at Asmaa Bint Abi Bakr School in Alexandria, in a meeting with a delegation from the National Council for Women on Thursday.

The sixth-grade student was excluded from a photograph with her classmates by the school's headteacher on Tuesday because she does not wear the Islamic headscarf.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, the student is shown crying and protesting the discrimination against her, stressing that Islam calls for ‘flexibility.'

Meanwhile, in an interview with privately-owned Al-Watan newspaper, Mohamed’s father Mohamed Gad asserted the headmistress’s behaviour against his daughter was a result of the "domination of the Muslim Brotherhood in the school." 

The headmistress’s action is due to her belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and her hostility towards Egypt's opposition groups, which his family supports, Gad claimed. "The headmistress has frequently scolded Heba, her sister and a number of girls to pressure them to wear the veil inside the school."

Gad promised to file a report against the headmistress until he regains his daughter’s rights in the classroom as she refuses to go to school since the incident occurred.

In November 2012, Iman Ahmed Kilani, a science teacher in Upper Egypt's city of Luxor was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence by the criminal court in Luxor. She was also forced to pay a LE50 fine and the expenses of the case after she cut the hair of two sixth-grade pupils for not wearing the Islamic veil. 

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