One confirmed dead in clashes in Egypt's Mansoura

Ahram Online, Saturday 2 Mar 2013

Clashes between protesters and police in the Nile Delta leave one dead after being run over by security vehicle

Clashes in Egypt's Mansoura, 26 February (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Clashes in Egypt's Nile Delta city of Mansoura left one dead after reportedly being run down by a Central Security Forces (CSF) vehicle in the early hours of Saturday.

According to Al-Ahram Arabic news website, a medical report showed that the Hossam Abdel-Azim suffered multiple fractures, including of his skull.

Clashes that broke out between protesters and riot police also left dozens injured after police reportedly fired tear gas at protesters in front of the Daqahila governorate headquarters.

Mansoura has witnessed clashes for six days as calls for civil disobedience circulated in the city amid intensifying protests against President Mohamed Morsi.

According to his family, 29-year-old Abdel-Azim was on his way to visit his inlaws when the accident occured, insisting he was not part of the protests.

Eyewitnesses said a police truck also ran over a protester, according to Al-Ahram’s news website, while a footage broadcast on satellite channel ONTV showed police dragging and beating up a man captured in the clashes.

The Egyptian Popular Current, which was founded by ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, said police had laid siege to its bureau in the city. It also said four were killed in the clashes, quoting a doctor in a makeshift clinic.

Meanwhile, Sami El-Mehi, head of security in Daqahlia governorate, stated that eight of his forces had been injured, accusing protesters of using pellet bullets.

El-Mehi asserted that no hospital has recieved any injured from among protesters.

Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Mahalla and Tanta have witnessed deadly clashes since the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. Calls for civil disobedience became common in the restive cities.

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