Youth coalition says Egypt's military agreed to dismiss government

Ahram Portal, Monday 28 Feb 2011

Representatives of the Coalition of Youth Movements who met for eight hours with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces yesterday, say the military has agreed to dismiss the government of Ahmed Shafiq

(Photo: AP)

Following an 8-hour meeting meeting with the Supreme Military Council, the coalition of youth movements, which has triggered the 25 January Revolution and provided it with field leadership, announced that the military had agreed to dismiss the current government headed by Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, ahead of parliamentary elections. The two sides agreed also to meet again next Saturday.

The youth coalition representatives said they had put a number of urgent demands before the military council, topped by the dismissal of Ahmed Sahfik’s current cabinet, to be replaced by a technocratic government made up of respected independent figures and excluding members of Mubarak's defunct National Democratic Party (NDP). The miliitary agreed to the dismissal of the Shafiq government, but would only promise that this would be done ahead of the planned parliamentary elections, without setting a specific timetable for doing so.

The coalition respresentatives revealed, as well, that they had demanded to see all political prisoners released within no more than a month and for the military to divulge the identity of those behind the brutal attacks on the Tahrir protesters and residents. Investigations were also demanded of all the figures of Mubarak’s corrupt regime.

Another major demand put before the military in yesterday's meeting, was to set up a care-taker presidential council, including at least two civilian figures and one from the military, to replace the supreme military council in governing the country during the interim period. Other demands included the dissolution of local councils across the country. These, the youth say, have all been formed through rigged elections and provide a wide base for the defunct NDP. They also demanded that leading NDP figures Safwat El Sherif, Zakaryia Azmi and Fathi Sorour be prosecuted for crimes against the people.

They also demanded that the NDP be dissolved and that all the former ruling party's leadership should be investigated by the Prosecutor General, for possible corruption and political crimes. The infamous State Security Intelligence Service should be disbanded, the coalition also demanded.

If their demands aren’t met within the suggested timeframe of two months, they warned, they will boycott any talks with the military.

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