Egypt's interior minister replaces Port Said security chief

MENA and Ahram Online, Wednesday 6 Mar 2013

Port Said security chief Mohsen Radi is replaced by his deputy as violent clashes continue sporadically in restive canal city

Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim on Wednesday dismissed Port Said security chief Mohsen Radi, appointing Radi's deputy, Sayid Gad, in his place.

Since 26 January, when a court sentenced 21 Port Said residents to death for their roles in the February 2012 Port Said stadium disaster, the canal city has seen intermittent clashes and riots.

For over two weeks, the convicts' relatives – along with members of the 'Green Eagles' (hardcore fans of Port Said football club Masry) – have attempted to launch a 'civil disobedience' campaign in the city to protest what they see as an unjust court verdict and the city's marginalisation by the central government in Cairo.

So far over 40 people – including security personnel – have been killed in the clashes. This week alone, which witnessed renewed clashes, three local residents and three policemen were killed.

A second court ruling, this time on security officials allegedly involved in last year's stadium disaster, is expected Saturday. Members of the Ultras Ahlawy – hardcore fans of Cairo football club Ahly – have vowed to wreak "chaos" in the event that the court delivers light sentences.

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