Protests planned for Friday if Shafiq stays

Ahram Portal, Monday 28 Feb 2011

The January 25 coalition have set Shafiq and the interim government a deadline for Friday after which they plan to hold sit-in demonstrations until demands are met



The January 25 coordinating committee stated that they intend to initiate an open-ended protest Friday infront of all significant locations until their demands are met: namely, the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq's current cabinet.
The coordinating committee consists of the uprising's "wise men" committee and the five main youth coalition movements.
Their main demands include the termination of Shafiq’s government and the formation of a neutral transition government in its stead and also the return of stability and security to Egypt.
They also demanded that all of the current cabinet’s members be banned from running in both the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
Moreover, they demanded the dismissal of all governors and members of the local councils.
The committee added that it hopes demands are met before Friday out of respect for the legitimacy of the revolution and in response to the will of the people.
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