Egypt court to rule on presidential appeal against suspension of elections

Ahram Online , Sunday 17 Mar 2013

Supreme Administrative Court to issue ruling on appeal against lower court's decision to suspend parliamentary elections

Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court is expected to deliver a ruling Sunday on the suspension of parliamentary elections.

The Egyptian State Lawsuit Authority (ESLA) submitted an appeal against the suspension on behalf of the presidency. A second appeal was submitted by former MP Mohamed El-Omda.

In early March, an administrative court ruled that parliamentary elections—called for by President Morsi to begin on 22 April—should be suspended because the High Constitutional Court had not approved the election law, which it is required to do under the constitution.

The presidency initially accepted the administrative court verdict but later reversed course by asking the ESLA to submit an appeal.

The ESLA automatically appeals any judicial ruling against a presidential or governmental decree, except when the governmental party requests the ESLA refrain from appealing.

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