Sit-in at Rose Al-Youssef forces chairman to resign

Bassem Abo Al Abass, Tuesday 1 Mar 2011

Workers and employees force the chairman of state-owned newspaper and weekly magazine Rose Al-Youssef out and intend to disclose documents that prove he and the editor-in-chief are corrupt

Workers and employees of the Egyptian weekly magazine and daily newspaper Rose Al-Youssef have been demonstrating and staging a sit-in since early Tuesday morning against the chairman of the board, editor-in-chief and corruption at the institution.

At around 12 pm, Chairman of the Board Karam Gabr was forced to resign and leave the magazine's offices. The army was approached to take over running of the institution until a new chairman is appointed.

Workers said they will continue their sit-in until Abdallah Kamal, editor-in-chief of Rosa Al-Youssef’s magazine and newspaper, resigns.

The workers conducting the sit-in also announced that they have seized documents proving the corruption of both Kamal and Gabr and they are planning to hand them over to the military police.

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