New Egyptian military uniform was already planned: Military source

Ahran Online, Wednesday 20 Mar 2013

Discovery of military-like fabric in Egypt-Gaza tunnel did not provoke change to Egyptian military uniforms, military source says

Army soldiers in Suez dressed in the new uniform (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The discovery of military-like fabric in a tunnel on the Egypt-Gaza border did not cause the Egyptian military to change its uniform, a military source has told Al-Ahram Arabic news website.

An army spokesman said on Sunday that fabric used in Egyptian army uniforms had been found in a tunnel on the Egypt-Gaza border. He called on people to “show vigilance in the days ahead and be aware of any incident involving the impersonation of military personnel.”

On Monday, soldiers in Suez were issued with new uniforms, and General Osama Askar, head of Egypt's Third Army, called on local people to remain alert to 'fake' soldiers.

The military source said the change of uniform was “symbolic” and had first been suggested in August when Defence Minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi was appointed.

The source added that he expected the new uniforms to be fully issued by Armed Forces Day on 6 October.

Meanwhile, Hamas, the ruler of Gaza, has called for an investigation into the confiscated fabrics, stressing Palestinians would never jeopardise the security of Egypt.

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