Egypt's Prime Minister creates Facebook forum to engage public

Ahram Online, Thursday 21 Mar 2013

Hisham Qandil explains that he will collect weekly requests, suggestions and criticisms from the citizens and 'promises' to reply to all messages

Prime Minister Hisham Qandil checking out Egypt's streets Thursday (Photo:Presidency official Facebook page)

Egypt's Prime Minister Hisham Qandil has launched an extension of his official facebook page as a means for direct communication between citizens and the government, according to his statement on Wednesday evening.

Qandil explained that he will collect weekly questions, suggestions and criticisms from the citizens and "promised" to reply to all the messages.

"I know that we don’t agree on everything and I expect a lot of criticism. However, I promise you no matter what your inquiries are that I will answer with all honesty and transparency" he explained.

"What we need the most in this phase is to engage in active participation to build the renaissance of Egypt. We have to continuously communicate to listen to each other and share ideas and visions around Egypt's future" he added.

"The government is exerting effort in this hard time, despite the lack of real accomplishments on the ground, whether we agree or disagree. Unfortunately, the negative picture is the only one that reaches the citizen. There is a hand that wants to make us despair," he added.

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