Founding member of Egypt's Constitution Party resigns, claiming corruption

Ahram Online , Thursday 21 Mar 2013

Leading Constitution Party figure resigns, hints at corruption amid party leadership, calls for party's young cadres to support ElBaradei in democratic party-building efforts

Hossam Eissa, the deputy chairman of the liberal Constitution Party and member of Egypt's main opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front (NSF), has declared his resignation from the party on Thursday in an open letter published on the official party's Facebok page.

"I resigned several days ago from the Constitution Party and presented my resignation to [Mohamed] ElBaradei, the party's chairman, who asked me in a telephone call to reconsider the resignation and complete my work to finish the restructure of the party. I agreed...Still, after yesterday, I found out the reasons behind my resignation are still there and are increasing," said the professor of law in Ain Shams University in the beginning of his resignation letter.

"Today my decision is final and I consider myself outside, and I am no longer associated to the Constitution Party," said Eissa.

Eissa was appointed as the head of the Constitution Party's steering committee by the party leader and founder Mohamed ElBaradei.

The leading opposition figure did not mention directly the reasons behind his resignation, but he hinted at 'forgery inside the party' and how the party's youth were standing against these attempts.

"I want to express my respect and appreciation to the youth of the Constitution Party and their efforts to construct the party and stand against the forgery attempts by some to keep the leading chairs inside the party forever," Eissa said.

Despite knowing honourable faces in the party that gave him hope for a better future, he also knows some people who consider deception as a way for things to work, Eissa explained.

In the end of his statement, Hossam Eissa called the Constitution Party youth to support ElBaradei and to build the party on democratic procedures.

There has been no official reaction from the Constitution Party itself regarding the resignation.

The opposition party had internal problems in January 2013 when its members, mostly youth, staged a sit-in to demand the resignation of certain unelected leading members.  

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