Protesters attack Cairo Brotherhood office on their way to main HQ

Friday 22 Mar 2013

Anti-government protesters stormed the group's office in El-Manial

Protesters stormed a Muslim Brotherhood office in Cairo's El-Manial district on Friday while marching towards the Islamist group's main headquarters located in Mokattam, around six kilometres away.

According to Ahram's Arabic language news website, the intruders destroyed several desks on the ground floor before leaving. Some of the demonstrators also tried to set the place alight but were prevented by other marchers.

Police forces arrived later on and protesters dispersed.

More than 300 demonstrators were marching to the Mokattam headquarters of the Brotherhood, where the guidance bureau, the group's highest authority, is located. 

The bureau was previously located at the El-Manial office.

Friday has seen a number of protests against the Muslim Brotherhood, with its headquarters in the Mokattam district the destination of many marches.

Many critics argue that the Brotherhood, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails, is the de facto ruling body, and that Morsi is taking order from the group's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

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