200 people injured nationwide in anti-Brotherhood clashes Friday

Ahram Online, Reuters , Saturday 23 Mar 2013

Number of those injured in Friday's clashes at several Muslim Brotherhood offices rose to 200, Egypt's head of Ambulance Authority says

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Anti-Morsi protesters carry a Muslim Brotherhood member after hitting him at the Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam, Cairo, 22 March. (Reuters)

About 200 people were injured in Friday's clashes at several Muslim Brotherhood offices across Egypt, said Mohamed Sultan, head of Egypt's Ambulance Authority.

One-hundred and twenty seven people were injured in clashes at the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in the district of Moqattam, Cairo, where clashes were most intense.

Violence broke out between anti-Brotherhood protesters and members of the Islamist group, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails. Police tried to disperse the crowd with teargas.

Another 73 people were injured elsewhere including the Nile Delta governorates of Gharbiya and Sharqiya.

No deaths were reported in the clashes.

In Mahalla, Gharbiya, protesters attacked an office belonging to the Brotherhood's political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), with Molotov cocktails, setting the building alight, while chanting against the group and the president.

In Sharqiya's Zagazig, angry protesters stoned a local Brotherhood office members of the group tried to protect.

Anti-Brotherhood protesters also stormed into the Muslim Brotherhood's office in Manial, Giza. In the coastal city of Alexandria, protesters ransacked a local FJP office.

Earlier Friday afternoon, protesters had started gathering for 'Friday of Restoring Dignity' demonstrations at the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Moqattam.

The call to protest was prompted after Muslim Brotherhood members and guards reportedly attacked a group of anti-Brotherhood protesters and graffiti artists outside the Islamist group's headquarters last Saturday.

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