Constitution Party holds president and Brotherhood responsible for violence

Ahram Online, Sunday 24 Mar 2013

Constitution Party hold Muslim Brotherhood responsible for violence in Mokattam

The Constitution Party holds the President and the Muslim brotherhood, ruling entiity accountable for Saturday's violence, according to their Sunday's statement.

Nationwide clashes between protesters and Brotherhood members in front of the group’s main headquarter in Cairo's Mokattam and several other cities on Friday left at least 200 injured.

The clashes erupted after several opposition activists had called for protests to be held on Friday in response to an attack by Muslim Brotherhood members on anti-Brotherhood protesters and graffiti artists outside the Islamist group's building on 16 March.

"Who is really accountable on Saturday's violence is the ruling entity" read the statement.

The statement also criticized the President for the vicious cycle of violence after issuing the amended constitutional declaration.

The statement also denounced the "claims" of Brotherhood leaders and other Islamist parties for accusing liberal leaders of being behind the clashes that happened on Friday in the brotherhood head quarters in Mokattam that led to detain some of brotherhood members.

The statement explained that this accusation raises a number of questions around the transparency of the brotherhood and its allies.

The statement also explained that the party's office in Mokattam received the injured protesters without differentiation on their political affiliations.

"The brotherhood group along with the President have been committing a number of catastrophic mistakes in Egypt over the last two years. They are pushing Egyptians to kill each other for the first time in modern history.  The group's secretary general Mahmoud Hussein on Saturday clearly stated that brotherhood are continuing in denying the facts and being stubborn. He repeated the accusations without any facts regarding the opposition leaders. He also ignored the anger of the people against the brotherhood failed tactics in the current regime that lead to a collapse of economy and security vaccum" the statement read.

"Protesters who reached the brotherhood head quarters on Friday are anger for their fellow colleges who were killed in clashes in front of the Presidential palace and in other cities and governorates over the last two months. Also, the feel humiliated that the brotherhood physically attacked an Egyptian lady, peaceful protesters and journalists a week ago. This is a confirmation that the brotherhood are continuing in the escalation and pushing more violence and instability" the statement continued to read.

The statement also explained that it is not acceptable that the brotherhood's secretary general showed video portraying attacks on the brotherhood members while ignoring hundreds of video footages that show brutal attacks on the opposition's peaceful protesters.

The statement also argued that when the secretary general described all the opposition as thugs it proved "that no revolution happened in Egypt and we are still dealing with an authoritarian regime this time under religion's name."

The statement also stressed on the importance of the continuation of peaceful protesters in resisting the authoritarian regime.

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