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Youth group calls for anti-Morsi protests on 6 April

Opposition protests to coincide with anniversary of strike action by textile workers in Mahalla Al-Kubra on 6 April 2008

Ahram Online, Monday 25 Mar 2013
Youths of April
Youths of April (Photo: Reuters)

April 6 Youth Movement has called for an 'angry day' of protests against President Mohamed Morsi on 6 April.

"This is the time when we say enough is enough President Morsi. You have violated all of your promises and you have no programme for rebuilding the country. Every day we see Egypt being destroyed," the group said in a statement on Monday.

"We've been patient for a long time and we've given [President Morsi] a chance. But we are witnessing nothing except more corruption, chaos, poverty, inflation, unemployment and thuggery," the group said.

The call for protests by April 6 comes after nationwide clashes between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood on Friday that left at least 200 injured.

April 6 has condemned Friday's violence and said the opposition's strength is through peaceful protests.

Disappointing speech by President Morsi

President Morsi's speech on Sunday was disappointing, the group said. The president was elected to implement the revolution's objectives but he merely repeated the same words as [former president Hosni Mubarak], the group added.

"[President Morsi] has repeated many times that he is a president for all Egyptians, but all his actions are proving that he is a president for his own group [the Muslim Brotherhood].

"After months of political crisis and polarisation, he has threatened [the opposition] for 'attacking' the Brotherhood. But he stayed silent during widespread attacks [on the opposition] by [Brotherhood] militias in front of presidential palace [in December 2012] and this shows his double standards," the group claimed.

"We hoped the president would reduce the differences between people and end the political polarisation between national factions," the group said. "However, he is still making accusations without evidence, pre-empting investigations by the prosecution and pointing to foreign fingers and conspiracies without checking the facts."

President Morsi has denounced Friday's attacks on Brotherhood offices and called for action against politicians found guilty of inciting the violence.

“If investigations prove politicians are guilty [of incitement], the necessary action will be taken against them despite their status,” President Morsi said during a speech at the Initiative for the Rights and Freedoms of Egyptian Women on Sunday.

Prosecutor-General Talaat Abdullah has ordered investigations into a complaint filed by lawyers representing the Muslim Brotherhood against 14 political figures and parties accused of inciting violence against the Islamist group.

April 6 Youth Movement was formed in spring 2008 to support  workers planning to strike on 6 April in the industrial town of El-Mahalla El-Kubra.

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