Mubarak family issues statement in response to allegations

Ahram Online, Wednesday 2 Mar 2011

Without offering any details or evidence, the Mubarak family dismiss the widespread accusations of rampant corruption and abuse of position

The legal representative of the family of the Egyptian former president Hosni Mubarak has issued a statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm, an independent newspaper, saying "the family has recently been subject to different attempts to discredit and damage the reputation of the former president. These false accusations have been circulated by the media without any double checking on their accuracy, accordingly the family had to release the following:

"First: the news reports of the existence of four bank accounts with huge amounts under the control and at the disposal of Suzanne Thabet, wife of the former president, are totally false. Those accounts are for charity use and her only connection to those accounts is the right to sign them off as the wife of the president of Egypt, nothing more. Moreover, the presidential office oversees those accounts. Once the president stepped down, the Central Bank was informed to freeze the accounts.

"Second: with reference to what has been circulated regarding the Library of Alexandria accounts, no one but the president of Egypt has the right to sign on these accounts and he has not delegated this right to anyone. Accordingly, everything that has been written about them is false, especially since the presidential office has informed the Central Bank about them and those accounts were frozen the day the president stepped down.

"Third: with reference to has been reported about the existence of several bank accounts under the names of the ousted president's sons, Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, we assure you that they are false and they have far less money."
Moreover, the legal representative added that the Mubarak family asks for all the newspapers and the media outlets to be more careful about the accuracy of what they they publish.

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