Italy lifts travel ban to Egypt

Dalia Farouq, Thursday 3 Mar 2011

Italy will do all it can to support Egypt, now and in the future, says ambassador

Italy has lifted its travel ban to Egypt, says Italian Ambassador to Egypt Claudio Pacifico.

Pacifio said that Italy made the decision because it sees Egypt slowly edging towards normality following the 25 January Revolution. The ambassador added that Italy wants to show solidarity with Egypt, a country it has always had close ties with, adding that Italian tourists love Egypt as a holiday destination.

The announcement came after a meeting between Pacifico and Monir Abdel Nour, the newly appointed minister of tourism, in which they discussed ongoing relations between the two countries.

Abdel Nour said that Egypt and Italy share close ties, not only in terms of geography but also as two ancient civilisations with much in common. He added that the Ministry of Tourism is doing its utmost to increase tourism to Egypt in the difficult circumstances the country is undergoing.

Abdel Nour said that the ministry will hold several cultural events to attract tourists to Egypt, including inviting US TV star Oprah Winfrey and French singer Charles Aznavour, who expressed his desire to give a concert in Tahrir Square.

Pacifico added that Italy will try to support Egyptian civil society by supporting Egyptian universities and providing vocational training.

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