Egyptian police attempt to storm our syndicate: Lawyer

Ahram Online , Sunday 7 Apr 2013

Lawyers syndicate headquarters targeted by police after it opened doors for injured protesters in April 6 anniversary clashes

Police forces attempted tp storm the Lawyers Syndicate late Saturday night.

The syndicate is located near the High Court where clashes have been taking place between security forces and anti-government demonstrators since Saturday evening.

The head of the north Cairo division of the lawyers syndicate, Mohamed Osman, told the privately owned ONtv satellite channel that the head of the general syndicate, Sameh Ashour, had opened the syndicate headquarters earlier in the evening for the injured to receive treatment.

Osman added he held the interior minister responsible for the attack.

Demonstrations organised by April 6 Youth Movement marking their 5th anniversary turned violent early Saturday at the High Court where protesters demanded the dismissal of the prosecutor-general, Talaat Abdullah.

Abdullah, who was appointed by President Mohamed Morsi last November, has been criticised by opposition forces of serving the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which the president hails. 

Tens of anti-government protesters have been facing prosecution since Abdullah's appointment including several members of the April 6 movement.

Tensions between lawyers and the interior ministry have escalated after the arrest late last monthof several lawyers who were attempting to represent detained anti-government protesters in a police station in Alexandria.

Following the incident, the Alexandria Lawyers Syndicate announced their decision not to represent policemen.  

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