Egypt's Qalioubiya sees more violence in wake of Cairo clashes

Ahram Online, Sunday 7 Apr 2013

Confrontations between Coptic-Christian protesters and police reignite Sunday evening in north Cairo governorate of Al-Khosous, which saw deadly sectarian clashes almost two days before

Cairo clashes
Coptic Christians help an injured man at the main cathedral in Cairo as police fire tear gas during clashes with Muslims standing outside the cathedral April 7, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

Clashes erupted on Sunday evening between a group of Coptic-Christian protesters and police forces outside a local church in the city of Al-Khosous in the north Cairo governorate of Qalioubiya.

The same town witnessed sectarian violence in the early hours of Saturday, before violence re-erupted following an attack on Cairo's main Coptic cathedral in which a funeral for slain Copts was being held.

Violent confrontations broke out again on Sunday evening between a group of Coptic protesters and police, according to Sorial Younan, a priest at Al-Khosous' Church of Mar Girgis.

The clashes coincided with an attack by unknown assailants on the Coptic cathedral in Cairo's Abbasiya district during a funeral mass held for five Coptic Christians killed in Friday's sectarian violence.

Friday's clashes erupted after a group of Coptic teenagers reportedly painted offensive drawings on the walls of Cairo's Al-Azhar, Egypt's highest seat of Islamic religious learning.

Younan told Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news website that Coptic protesters were hurling rocks at police, while the latter responded with teargas.

As of 8:30pm, tension remained palpable outside the cathedral in Abbasiya. According to official sources, at least one Copt had been killed in the violence.

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