Free Egyptians Party demands end to attacks on students

Ahram Online , Monday 15 Apr 2013

Liberal opposition party calls for increased security measures and stiffer punishments after spate of attacks on students by thugs 'affiliated with ruling regime'

Students' march at Ain Shams University, April 14, 2013 (Photo: Ahram Arabic News website)

The youth section of the Free Egyptians Party has condemned recent assaults on students by people "affiliated with the ruling regime."

The attacks have targeted independent students affiliated with the opposition, the party said in a statement published on Sunday.

“It is unacceptable that Egyptian universities have become a venue for violence. This is an attempt by the regime [of President Morsi] and its group [the Muslim Brotherhood] to change the identity of Egyptian universities in favour of currents that embraces extremist thoughts,” the statement said.

On Sunday, thugs attacked Ain Shams university students who were marching from Al-Nour mosque to demand tighter on-campus security and an end to 'thuggery' after several earlier attacks by unknown assailants.

Around thirteen student unions, including those at Cairo and Ain Shams universities, claimed Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated students had damaged ballot boxes during an ongoing Egyptian Student Union poll.

The Muslim Brotherhood students have denied the allegations.

Salafist students at Mansoura University accused the administration of hiring thugs to attack students who were protesting administrative negligence and a colleague's death.

The Free Egyptians Party said student bylaws should be amended so they ensure the independence of student unions from the state or ruling parties.

The statement went on to demand the suspension of those responsible for the violence at universities, including teachers accused of inciting it, and for them to be sent to a disciplinary council. It also called for electronic gates at university entrances to check for weapons.


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