US embassy warns citizens in Egypt to avoid areas in Cairo and Alexandria

Ahram Online, Friday 19 Apr 2013

A security message by US embassy in Cairo alerts their citizens to avoid places of protests in Cairo and Alexandria

Egypt's high court (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The US embassy in Cairo issued a security message late Thursday warning their citizens of demonstrations scheduled over the weekend.

Egypt's largest Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, has called for a demonstration on Friday in front of Egypt’s High Court in downtown Cairo to lobby for a "purge" of the Egyptian judiciary.

"Areas that may be affected by demonstrations on Friday afternoon include Tahrir Square, the Court of Cassation, Cairo University in Giza, Moqattam, Sidi Gaber, and the Manshia Courts complex in Alexandria," read the warning message published on the embassy’s official website.

The statement added that another protest is scheduled on Saturday by young activists in front of the Qatari embassy in Cairo to protest against "Qatar’s support for the Morsi government."

"We do not expect any of these demonstrations to target the Embassy or US interests. While violence is not anticipated, the possibility exists should opposing groups come into contact with one another."

"Though we are unaware of any further protest activity or security concerns, it is possible that additional demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience may develop elsewhere in Egypt," added the statement.

The US embassy, located near Cairo's Tahrir Square, witnessed fierce clashes last September during protests against a US-made film offending Prophet Mohamed and Islam.

The clashes left at least two killed and over 220 injured.

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