Appeal against elections suspension rejected

Ahram Online, Sunday 21 Apr 2013

Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court has dismissed an appeal by Egyptian government against the suspension of parliamentary elections

Workers clean inside the Egyptian parliament in Cairo (Photo: AP)

Egypt‘s Supreme Administrative Court dismissed on Sunday an appeal lodged by the Egyptian government against a ruling suspending the country's parliamentary elections.

The ruling had been postponed three times.

On 6 March, the Supreme Administrative Court overturned a presidential decree calling for elections to begin on 22 April, questioning the constitutionality of the electoral law that would govern the elections.

On 13 March, the Egyptian State Lawsuit Authority (ESLA) appealed the ruling suspending the elections.

ESLA appealed the ruling on behalf of the Egyptian president, the justice minister and the head of the Shura Council, Egypt's upper house of parliament, which temporarily holds legislative powers.

The High Constitutional Court (HCC) had rejected five of the electoral law's articles on 18 February. The law was referred back to the Shura Council, which partially amended the legislation without referring it back to the HCC for final approval.

An Administrative Court ruling said the Shura Council should have referred the electoral law back to the HCC before ratifying it, so as to ensure the amendments were constitutional.

On 24 March, Egypt’s Office of State Commissioners, a judicial body responsible for issuing non-binding recommendations to the courts, called for appeals against the suspension of elections to be rejected.

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