Alexandria governor complains his Brotherhood deputy El-Prince 'steals the show'

Ahram Online , Monday 29 Apr 2013

Governor of Alexandria accuses his Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated deputy of using governorate resources for benefit of Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party

Hassan El-prince

Alexandria Governor Mohamed Atta Abbas slammed his deputy, Hassan El-Prince, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), for allegedly using the governorate's successes to aggrandise the FJP.

At a Monday press conference, Abbas, who was appointed by President Mohamed Morsi but is not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, accused El-Prince of crediting an FJP-run NGO with distributing bread to citizens' homes, a move he described as "an unacceptable violation."

Abbas also criticised the FJP member for transferring the head of the governorate's secretariat-general, Ahmed El-Edkawy, and appointing heads of governorate municipalities without his consent.

The governor said he had referred his complaints regarding El-Prince to the presidency, stressing his rejection of the practice of "using the governorate for the benefit of any particular political group."

He went on to charge El-Prince with "using governorate resources to serve the Muslim Brotherhood."

El-Prince is a leading member of the Brotherhood. He was an elected MP for the FJP in the 2011 now-disbanded House of Representatives. He currently serves as deputy head of the Alexandria governorate. 

Critics of President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have charged that the Islamist group is attempting to fill key government administrative positions with its supporters in order to "brotherhoodise" the state apparatus.

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