Revolution delivers fell blow to Egypt's dread secret police

Ekram Ibrahim , Sunday 6 Mar 2011

Protesters who occupied the state security headquarters in Nasr City report a treasure trove of information on public figures and piles of shredded documents

Revolution delivers fell blow to Egypt
Egyptians gather outside the state security agency building in Nasr City in Cairo March 5, 2011. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany

Thousands of protesters gathered around the state security headquarters in Nasr City at around 4pm calling on the military to take over the building and prevent documents being torched as had taken place in other state security offices around Egypt.

Protesters managed to get inside the building. Some took pictures of documents found there while some tried to take some documents home. Many were overwhelmed by the size of the building, which descends more than six floors underground.

Tweets from eyewitnesses reported files on sectarian tension in Egypt, Hamas and public figures such as lawyer Mortada Mansour and activists from the 6 April movements. They also report tapes of recorded phone calls and yahoo email records with their passwords.

Within a couple of hours military forces arrived at the scene, asking protesters to leave the building. Each of the protesters was searched upon leaving to prevent the pilfering of documents. Some say they left with hard disks from computers found there.

As of time of writing, the majority of protesters left the scene and military was in control.

The protesters say that Nasr City state security was one of the worst in terms of its torture record. Accordingly, they called on whoever was detained or tortured there to join the protest and not leave before the military took over.

Currently Alexandria and 6th of October state security HQs are under the rule of the military, while Qena, Port Said, Zagazig, Domiat and Tanta state security buildings have seen fires erupt and protesters call for the military to intervene.

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