Former NDP 'thug' sent to prison for 28 years

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 8 May 2013

Infamous thug Sabry Nakhnoukh was sentenced for drugs and weapons possession, but claims he was targeted unfairly by the Brotherhood

A criminal court in Alexandria has sentenced notorious criminal Sabry Nakhnoukh to 28 years in prison for possessing weapons and drugs.

Nakhnoukh, who admitted facilitating large-scale vote rigging in favour of the now-defunct National Democratic Party, was arrested in August at his villa near Alexandria on charges of "thuggery," unlicensed possession of weapons, drugs possession and involvement in prostitution.

He had earlier accused Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El-Beltagy of being behind the charges against him, and of orchestrating his arrest due to Nakhnoukh’s “opposition to Brotherhood rule in Egypt.”

According to Nakhnoukh’s lawyer Gamal Sweid, El-Beltagy accused Nakhnoukh on television of being involved in attacking peaceful protesters during the January 25 revolution.

During the trial, Sweid argued that Nakhnoukh's arrest was not justified, and had been ordered directly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the aim of "getting rid of all [the group’s] opponents."

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