Egyptian, Palestinian groups commemorate 1948 Nakba in Cairo

Ahram Online , Tuesday 14 May 2013

From street art to film documentaries and rallies, Egyptian political figures and parties gear up to commemorate 1948 mass displacement of Palestinians by nascent Jewish state

File photo: Egyptians wave Palestinian flags during a 'Nakba' demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, May 15, 2011 (Photo: Reuters)

Egyptian and Palestinian figures and groups have begun this year's commemorations of the 1948 Palestinian Nakba ('catastrophe') in Cairo.

On Tuesday, the Strong Egypt Party will hold a lecture in Cairo's Ramses Hilton hotel devoted to the Nakba and the historical rights of Palestinians. Among the speakers will be party leader and founder Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh and Egyptian poet Abdel-Rahman Youssef.

The party is also organising a human chain around the Arab League's Cairo headquarters next Thursday.

Meanwhile, a group of Egyptian and Palestinian activists and groups have launched a 'Return to Palestine' week, which kicked off on Saturday.

At its headquarters in downtown Cairo, the 'Mosireen' citizen-journalism collective will screen a documentary entitled 'The Roof' about a Palestinian family in Israel and its struggles since 1948.

The Socialist Popular Alliance Party, meanwhile, is organising a lecture on Tuesday afternoon at the party's Cairo headquarters devoted to the Palestinian cause. The lecture will be entitled 'Palestine through Egyptian eyes.'

And on Monday, a group of Egyptian graffiti artists began painting graffiti commemorating the Nakba on Cairo's Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

The General Federation for Palestinian Woman in Cairo, for its part, will hold a series of events on Wednesday, beginning with a rally outside Arab League headquarters to be followed by a march to the Leadership and Management Development Centre in the nearby Agouza district.

A conference will later be held at the centre entitled 'Palestine: An Arab land forever.' Among the speakers at the conference will be Egyptian Popular Current leader Hamdeen Sabbhi, Egyptian Journalists Syndicate head Diaa Rashwan, and leftist female activist Shahenda Makld.

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