Women excluded from Egypt constitutional reform meetings cause protests

Ekram Ibrahim , Tuesday 8 Mar 2011

Million man march today in Tahrir on Int'l Women's Day to protest women being left out of Egyptian constitutional reform committee meetings

Today (Tuesday) male and female activists ban together in a one million man march in Tahrir Square to support women on International Women’s Day after women were not included in the committee to revise the constitution.

The march, which starts at 3pm is to voice their fear that women’s issues won’t be addressed properly post-Mubarak era. Liberation Square (Tahrir) has been the epicentre of the protests that led to the fall of the Egyptian president of 30+ years.

In a cultural vibe for the march the bands Ana Masry, Maryam Saleh, As we Lazee and City Band will perform in Tahrir Square at 4pm.

The march was organised through Twitter @Women4Democracy as well as through Facebook.

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