Disgruntled employees of Egypt's Al-Azhar detained for 4 days

Ahram Online, Thursday 30 May 2013

After storming office of grand imam to demand permanent employment, 17 Al-Azhar employees are charged with thuggery, illegal assembly, vandalism and 'sowing chaos'

Al-Azhar (Photo: Ahram)

Cairo prosecutors ordered the detention of 17 individuals for four days pending investigation after they stormed the precincts of Egypt's Al-Azhar, destroyed private property and injured 15 Al-Azhar employees – including security personnel – to demand permanent employment contracts, Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news website reported on Thursday.

Hatem El-Banna, head of prosecution in Cairo's Al-Gamaliya district, listened to testimony from the suspects, who confirmed they had worked at Al-Azhar for years on temporary contracts without being employed on a permanent basis.

According to the suspects, they had repeatedly asked Al-Azhar management for permanent contracts. Earlier this month, they allege, the management promised them permanent contracts, but ultimately failed to keep its promise.

Eventually, angry employees broke into the office of Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayyeb, breaking several windows and doors in the process. Security personnel were eventually able to contain the situation.

The suspects face charges of thuggery, illegal assembly, vandalism, injuring citizens and sowing chaos. 

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