24 injured in pro and anti-Brotherhood clashes in Egypt's Damanhour

Ahram Online, Friday 7 Jun 2013

Brotherhood supporters and opponents clash in Egypt's Nile Delta while honouring the death of the revolution's icon

At least 24 were injured on Thursday night in clashes between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood - which dominate governmental positions, incuding the presidency - and opposition activists in the central Al-Saa Square in the northern Nile Delta city of Damanhour.

Before the clashes started, activists were marking the anniversary of the death of Egypt's revolution icon Khaled Said as well as protesting the newly-appointed culture minister - accused of following Brotherhood orders to "Islamise" the culture sector - in front of the Creativity Centre.

The violence reportedly erupted after Brotherhood members held bats and allegedly barred activists from entering the lawyers' syndicate close to the Creativity Centre. The two later pelted each other with rocks.

Police fired tear gas in an attempt to break up the crowd, leaving dozens injured, including police officers.

Thursday marked the third anniversary of the murder of Khaled Said, beaten to death allegedly by police officers on 6 June 2010. A photograph his brother took of Said on the autopsy table with his face mutilated almost beyond recognition went viral online and was argued to be one of the reasons that sparked the January 25 Revolution, which ousted autocratic president Hosni Mubarak.

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