Egypt's NSF: No negotiations with Morsi; will join the street 30 June

Ahram Online , Sunday 9 Jun 2013

The National Salvation Front announces full support for anti-Morsi protests on 30 June, saying no room for negotiations with the presidency exists

Former Egyptian presidential candidate, Hamdeen Sabbahi, center left, speaks during a press conference following the meeting of the National Salvation Front as former director of the U.N.'s nuclear agency and Nobel peace laureate, Mohamed El Baradei, center, and former Egyptian Foreign Minister and presidential candidate, Amr Moussa, center right (Photo: AP)

Egypt's National Salvation Front (NSF) opposition coalition announced Saturday their full support for the anti-Morsi Rebel campaign, saying there is no longer room for negotiation with President Mohamed Morsi.

"No dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood or the regime, our date is 30 June, no going back on early presidential elections and the Egyptian people will decide on the next president," said former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi in a press statement.

The NSF has continuously turned down invitations for dialogue with President Morsi. They had earlier set pre-conditions before meeting the president, including taking "serious steps" towards the prosecution of those responsible for the deaths of protesters, by assigning judges to investigate these crimes, and the formation of a new government of national unity.

Azazi Ali, spokesman for the NSF, said Saturday that all the conditions set for dialogue with the president have been cancelled. “We will do nothing but support the youth and protests on 30 June,” Ali told state-owned news agency MENA.

Several opposition groups are joining protests 30 June called for by the Rebel campaign, aimed to cutting Morsi's four-year term short by gathering 15 million anti-Morsi signatures to outnumber the 13.2 million votes that got him into office.

In interview with Al-Ahram daily on Thursday, Morsi insisted the Rebel campaign’s initiative on withdrawing confidence from him was neither legal nor constitutional. He further described the notion of early presidential elections as "farcical and illegitimate."

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