Egypt Constitution Party to rally against Brotherhood in Morsi hometown

Ahram Online , Wednesday 12 Jun 2013

Members will circulate anti-Morsi petition during 'Muslim Brotherhood are liars' campaign event in Nile Delta

Egypt’s Constitution Party announced Wednesday the launch of its 'Muslim Brotherhood are liars' campaign in Al-Sharqiya governorate.

The anti-Brotherhood campaign is inspired by 'Kazeboon' or 'Liars,' a similar initiative that originated during the Supreme Council of Armed Forces' interim rule following Mubarak's ouster. 'Kazeboon' activists protested military rule by screening videos that exposed conflicting statements by military generals and army violations against protesters.

“The 'Muslim Brotherhood are liars' screening is organised to protest the Brotherhood’s policy and their failure to run the country or solve the citizens’ problems,” said Ahmed Gamal, party member and general coordinator of the campaign, in a press statement on Wednesday.

The event, which will take place on Thursday in Hehiya city (hometown of President Mohamed Morsi), will also include a drive to collect signatures for the 'Tamarod' or 'Rebel' petition.

Egypt’s opposition is organising mass protests for 30 June to demand early presidential elections. The call for protests was initiated by the 'Rebel' campaign, launched in May to "withdraw confidence" from President Morsi.

The goal of the campaign is to collect 15 million signatures before the anniversary of Morsi's 30 June 2012 inauguration, which would exceed the number of votes with which Morsi won the election.

The campaign announced on 29 May that it has already collected seven million signatures.

On Tuesday, the pro-Morsi 'Impartiality' campaign announced it will hold a sit-in outside the presidential palace only two days before the opposition rallies planned for the same location.

The 'Impartiality' initiative was launched by Islamist groups in response to the 'Rebel' campaign. On Monday, Khaled El-Mashaad, spokesman for the campaign, said they had collected ten million citizen signatures in support of President Morsi.

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