Mass resignations in Egypt's Salafist Al-Watan Party

MENA, Saturday 15 Jun 2013

After the fracture of Salafist El-Nour Party that gave rise to Al-Watan Party, the latter now is beset with internal divisions and mass walkouts

Emad Abdel Ghaffour
Emad Abdel Ghaffour, head of the Islamist Salafi Nour (Light) Party (Photo: Reuters)

Heads and members of Salafist Al-Watan Party's specialised committees have tendered their resignations in protest against the leadership of the party, state news agency MENA reported Friday.

Vice head of the party's specialised committees, Adel Hussein, said Friday that 130 members had resigned 10 days ago but that party head Emad El-Din Abdel-Ghafour had not yet responded to the move.

Among "many" reasons Hussein cited for the resignations included "different perspectives" from the party's leaders, making difficult internal decisions. He also highlighted "divisions within the party, which have created conflicting fronts."

Hussein also put the resignations down to a lack of vision and precise goals among party leaders and members of its specialised committees.

Abdel-Ghafou resigned as head of the Salafist El-Nour Party late in 2012 and announced the launch of Al-Watan (Homeland) Party shortly afterwards.

Before his resignation, Abdel-Ghafour led what was dubbed the “reformist camp” in El-Nour Party.

Abdel-Ghafour reportedly quit following a dispute with the followers of influential cleric Yasser El-Borhami, one of the founders of the Salafist Calling, a movement that spawned El-Nour Party in 2011.

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