Communists want violence in Egypt's streets: Gamaa Islamiya leader El-Zomor

Ahram Online , Saturday 15 Jun 2013

Gamaa Islamiya's Tarek El-Zomor condemns calls for anti-Morsi demonstrations 30 June, says communists plan violence to usurp the people's will

Jamaa Islamiya spokesman Tarek El-Zomor (Photo:Reuters)

Communists aim to bring chaos to Egypt’s streets, says Tarek El-Zomor, head of the political bureau of Gamaa Islamiya’s political arm, the Construction and Development Party.

In comments made Saturday on Twitter, El-Zomor said: “There is no doubt now that communists are the main inciters of violence in Egypt’s streets.” El-Zomor called on citizens to “defeat them this time" as they (Egyptian citizens) "did once before.”

El-Zomor further claimed weapons were being stolen from the police and crimes committed in the name of the government, to discredit it and “add fuel to fire.”

The statements of the Islamist figure comes amidst calls made by the anti-Mohamed Morsi Rebel campaign to demonstrate 30 June for early presidential elections.

In that context, El-Zomor warned that violence was being prepared, asserting: “Molotov Cocktails and pellets cannot defeat a people’s will,” and assuring that the opposition will not be successful in toppling President Morsi.

The anti-government grassroots Rebel petition campaign was launched in May with the intention of "withdrawing confidence" from President Morsi and forcing early presidential elections by collecting 15 million citizens' endorsements — more than the number of votes that elected him.

The campaign, which announced 29 May that it had collected seven million signatures, called for the mass protests to coincide with Morsi's first anniversary in power. The campaign has accused the president's administration of "failing to implement policies to improve the life of ordinary people."

Leading Islamist figures from the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which the president hails, as well as other Islamist groups have criticised the campaign and accused its members of infringing on popular will.

Morsi was elected last year in Egypt's first post-Mubarak presidential elections.

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