Renewed political violence in Egypt's Fayoum leaves 27 injured

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 19 Jun 2013

Clashes between supporters, opponents of President Morsi leave 27 injured in Egypt's central Fayoum governorate; similar violence reported in Nile Delta's Gharbiya, Daqahliya governorates

At least 27 people were injured on Wednesday, most of them Muslim Brotherhood members, in clashes with protesters opposed to President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt's Fayoum governorate.

The clashes reportedly took place following a press conference organised by the Islamist group in support of the president.

Fayoum had witnessed clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsi earlier on Sunday, in which 34 people were injured after Brotherhood members allegedly attacked anti-Morsi campaigners.

Meanwhile, several clashes took place on Tuesday in Egypt’s Nile Delta between supporters and opponents of the president after the latter's appointment of several Brotherhood-affiliated regional governors.

In the Gharbiya governorate, 26 protesters were injured in Tuesday clashes, while two people were injured in the Daqahliya governorate.

President Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, is often accused by opposition figures and groups of appointing Brotherhood members to government posts.

On Sunday, Morsi appointed 17 new regional governors, seven of whom are Brotherhood members, meaning that 11 of 27 Egyptian governorates are now under Brotherhood control.

On Wednesday, the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party issued a statement condemning the recent political violence, accusing the anti-government 'Rebel' campaign and the opposition National Salvation Front of working together with hired thugs to incite violence nationwide.

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