Anti-Morsi campaign event postponed in Egypt's Nile Delta to 'avoid violence'

Ahram Online, Friday 21 Jun 2013

Planned conference in Daqahliya governorate by Egypt's anti-government 'Rebel' campaign is postponed to Saturday with ostensible aim of avoiding bloodshed

Egypt's anti-government 'Rebel' campaign cancelled a scheduled conference on Friday in the Nile Delta's Daqahliya governorate to avoid possible confrontations with supporters of President Mohamed Morsi.

The campaign released a statement saying the decision was due to "threatening messages" received by its members including death threats, Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news website reported.

"The conference was postponed to Saturday after we heard that the Muslim Brotherhood was mobilising supporters in advance of a possible crisis," Wael Ghali, lawyer and 'Rebel' campaign member, was quoted as saying.

Daqahliya has seen intermittent clashes since the appointment on Sunday of Muslim Brotherhood member Sobhi Younis as provincial governor. On Tuesday, Younis' office was attacked by demonstrators in Mansoura, Daqahliya's regional capital.

Protesters threw petrol bombs at the building and fought with Muslim Brotherhood supporters, two of whom were injured, Egyptian state news agency MENA reported.

On Thursday, dozens of protesters outside the Daqahliya governor's office were reportedly attacked by unknown assailants.

Members of the ultra-conservative Salafist Front movement, meanwhile, say they were assaulted by protesters near the Daqahliya governor's office "because of their beards."

Tensions in the Nile Delta city, and in several other Egyptian governorates, were provoked by Morsi's appointment of seven Muslim Brotherhood members as new regional governors on Sunday.

The latest raft of gubernatorial appointments has left 11 out of 27 Egyptian provinces under governors drawn from the Muslim Brotherhood.

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