New 'Reunion Movement' to assert Morsi's legitimacy in Egypt

Ahram Online, Wednesday 26 Jun 2013

Aiming to unite Egyptians and assert President Morsi's legitimacy, the new 'Reunion' movements alerts that Egypt is on brink of civil war

A 'Reunion Movement' will be initiated Thursday to plea for Egyptians to unite amid an atmosphere of political polarisation ahead of planned protests to oust Islamist President Morsi on 30 June.  

Lawyers' Syndicate Deputy Mohamed El Damaty; former head of the Egyptian Judges' Club Zakaria Abdel-Aziz; Ambassador Ibrahim Youssry and a number of youth injured in clashes since the revolution began and families of slain protestors are expected to attend.

Egyptian citizens have become the "last concern" for the political figures, who are "fighting for power," reads Reunion's press release.

"We are on the brink of civil war and opening the door for external enemies using hands inside the country to cause strife between sons of the same nation," the statement adds.

In reference to the anti-Morsi 30 June demonstrations, Reunion states that there are "efforts to overturn the will of the people and demolish state institutions."

"We can agree with the president and we can oppose him, but we will never oust him with bombs and blood," the statement asserts, stressing President Morsi's legitimacy.

The statement ended with an emphasis on the people's will adding: "Egypt has only one master: its people."

The Rebel signature drive campaign that started in May announced that it has collected more than 15 million signatures - more than the roughly 13.2 Morsi garnered to win in the 2011 presidential elections. Additionally, they called to oust Morsi through mass protests scheduled for Sunday as well as for early presidential elections.

The Rebel Campaign is supported by the Egyptian umbrella opposition group, the National Salvation Front (NSF) and a number of Islamist parties.

The Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails, argues that demands for snap presidential elections is illegitimate and a hurdle to true democracy.

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