Revolution Youth Union calls on Egypt military to protect antiquities on 30 June

Ahram Online , Thursday 27 Jun 2013

The youth political group calls on protesters and military to protect Egypt's archaeological sites and museums on 30 June anti-govt rallies

Museum big
Soldiers on guard outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (Photo: AP)

The Revolution Youth Union Thursday called on the Egyptian army to protect all archaeological sites and museums ahead of anticipated large protests against President Mohamed Morsi on 30 June.

The media spokesman of the Union Omar Al-Hadary stated in a press conference that archaeological sites are no less important than banks and governmental institutions, which the police plan to secure during the planned demonstrations.

''The archaeological sites can be looted and destructed, as was the case during the January revolution. The purpose of securing these areas is to preserve the heritage of the ancient Egyptian civilisation,'' Al-Hadary stated.

The Union asked the protesters on 30 June to form human chains to protect the archaeological sites.

In a related development, the Independent Union of Archaeological workers announced the formation of committees to protect museums and other historical sites, asking individuals to volunteer through Facebook.

The Egyptian Museum was broken into and looted during the 2011 January revolution. No major stealing took place, as local citizens formed human chains around the museum to protect the ancient artefacts.

The Egyptian army has reinforced its forces in a number of Egyptian governorates and vital areas ahead of the widely-anticipated protests.

In a televised press conference on Wednesday, President Morsi detailed his achievements and setbacks during his one year as president, in an attempt to cool down the opposition.

The 'Rebel' campaign organisers, which include the main Egyptian opposition group, the National Salvation Front (NSF), were not deterred by the president's speech. Several opposition parties and coalitions declared that they plan to go ahead with mass nationwide protests to call for snap presidential elections.

'Rebel' campaign, which was initiated last May, gathered 15 million signatures in attempt to show that people do not want Morsi as president.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, from which he hails from, stated that snap presidential elections are unconstitutional.

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