Egypt's presidential guard to protect presidential palace on 30 June

MENA, Thursday 27 Jun 2013

Presidential guard says forces will not clash with protesters during 30 June anti-govt demonstrations, stresses it will defend regime's 'legitimacy,' elected president

General Mohamad Zaki, the head of the presidential guard, said their forces will not clash with protesters on planned 30 June demonstrations against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

In an interview with Egyptian state news agency MENA, Zaki said he does not expect protesters to use violence against the presidential guard forces.

Zaki added that it is the right of all people to carry out peaceful demonstrations to express their opinions.

He stressed that the mission of the presidential guard is to strictly face any attempt to break into presidential palace or any other building associated with the executive authority.

Presidential guard forces will be deployed inside the walls of the presidential palace and will not face protesters except if some try to storm the building, Zaki explained.

Zaki said the presidential guard has nothing to do with the objective of some Egyptian people to change the ruling regime, stressing that the guard will defend the democratic legitimacy of the government, chosen by the people.

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