Egypt prosecutor-general opens investigations against opposition figures

Sayed Gamal El-Din, Ahram Online, Saturday 29 Jun 2013

Talat Abdullah orders investigations of key opposition figures one day before mass anti-regime protests

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Talaat Abdullah ordered Saturday the investigation of complaints filed against a number of opposition figures accused of "conspiring to overthrow the regime" in planning widely anticipated anti-government rallies Sunday, 30 June, judicial sources tell Ahram Online.

Abdullah, appointed by President Mohamed Morsi last November, ordered his deputy, Judge Hassan Yassin, to compile and start investigating all complaints filed against the organisers of the 30 June rallies, one day before they are supposed to take place.

Before prosecutors are complaints filed against opposition leaders Mohamed ElBaradei, Hamdeen Sabbahi and Amr Moussa (the three main leaders of opposition umbrella group, the National Salvation Front) as well as Mahmoud Badr, founder of the Rebel campaign petition, collecting signatures since late May for withdrawing confidence from the president and forcing early presidential elections.

The prosecution has not disclosed the total number of complaints filed.

Rebel campaigners accuse Islamist President Morsi, elected last June, of "failing to implement policies to improve the life of ordinary people."

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