Rebel activists stage sit-in at Morsi's residence in Sharqiya

Ahram Online, Saturday 29 Jun 2013

Egypt's opposition 'Rebel' campaign stages sit-in at President Mohamed Morsi's private residence in Sharqiya governorate

Some of the protesters set up tents near Morsi's homeland house (Photo: Al-Ahram)

'Rebel' campaign (tamarod) supporters have staged a sit-in before President Mohamed Morsi's home in the Nile Delta city of Zagazig in Egypt's Sharqiya governorate a day before opposition-led mass protests.

'Rebel,' a petition drive that aims at "withdrawing confidence" from Morsi by gathering endorsements, also announced on Saturday that they have gathered 22 million signatures.

The campaigners started the sit-in in the early hours of Saturday, setting up tents in front of Morsi's house. Protesters said they will leave only upon the fall of Morsi's regime.

However, protesters stressed that they will remain peaceful while seeking to fulfill what they described as the 2011 revolution demands – bread, freedom and social justice – that have not been met at the hands of the "Brotherhood's rule."

President Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, assumed power a year ago after winning Egypt's first-ever free elections.

His critics argue that the Brotherhood is the de-facto ruling body of the country, lamenting the fact that a host of figures from the Islamic group were given governmental posts.

The 'Rebel' campaign was the main caller for Sunday's anticipated demonstrations, which will be joined by most of the opposition forces, including Egypt's umbrella group the National Salvation Front.

The Egyptian health ministry reported seven deaths and 606 injuries on Saturday from intermittent clashes between President Morsi's supporters and opponents since Wednesday throughout six governorates, including Sharqiya.

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