Hundreds of pro-army protesters continue their sit-in

Ahram Online, Saturday 29 Jun 2013

Protesters at a sit-in outside the defence ministry chanted against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

The number of opposition protesters taking part in the sit-in outside the defence ministry in Cairo increased on Saturday, one day ahead of anticipated nationwide protests against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Hundreds of anti-Morsi protesters have been gathering at the ministry of defence over the last week, calling for the Egyptian armed forces to take power.

As numbers increased, the protesters kept chanting against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which he hails and which critics argue is the de-facto ruler of the country.

"Egypt will not be lost, we shall sacrifice ourselves for it oh [Mohamed] Badie [the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide]," reads one of the banners at the protest.

Some protesters chanted: "Leave, Morsi, you did us no favours; there is no electricity or Nile," in reference to the repeated electricity outage and saga with Ethiopia over the latter's Nile dam project, many believe, could diminish Egypt's share of river water.

Through other chants, protesters also blamed bread and cooking gas shortages on Morsi.

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