ElBaradei, Sabbahi release video messages supporting 30 June protests

Ahram Online, Saturday 29 Jun 2013

Founders of opposition coalition the National Salvation Front Hamdeen Sabbahi and Mohamed ElBaradei urge Egyptians to take to the streets on Sunday to press for early presidential elections

Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabbahi and Mohamed ElBaradei (Photo: AP)

Leading opposition figure and founder of the Egyptian Popular Current Hamdeen Sabbahi said on Saturday that the protests scheduled for Sunday will remain peaceful in order to achieve the goals of the January 25 revolution.

“Tomorrow we continue the January 25 revolution... tomorrow, 30 June, is a day when Egypt will enforce its free will to build a future worthy of it,” Sabbahi said in a video statement published on the official Facebook page of the group.

In his video, the former presidential candidate condemned the violence that took place in several governorates in Egypt on Friday.

“We condemn all forms of violence that took place yesterday and all attacks on the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood or their party. We are not fighting against stones but against failed policies.

“Tomorrow [Sunday] we will abide by peacefulness, and we know that whoever turns to violence is a traitor to the revolution, intentionally or out of ignorance,” he added.

The Nasserist leader went on to ask Islamists “who did not take part in the rule [of President Mohamed Morsi] and are not responsible for its failure or tyranny” to join the protest on Sunday in favour of the “people’s revolution”.

“We are with Islam and against the oppression of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said. “If the people enforce their wills in their peaceful millions, all state institutions, including the army, police and judiciary will take their side,” added Sabbahi.

Mohamed ElBaradei, another influential opposition figure, also published a video statement, in which he called on Morsi to listen to the people’s demands.

“The people voted for Morsi, and the people tomorrow are saying we want another try at the ballot box,” said ElBaradei, who added that the people’s urge to go down to the streets was because none of the revolution’s goals have been achieved.

ElBaradei further stressed that the calls for early presidential elections were not because the ruler now is from the Muslim Brotherhood but because the regime itself has completely failed.

“We gave him [Morsi] a driving licence and he couldn’t drive,” he said.

“No matter who rules, we must live together, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, Copts, Muslims - we all must live together,” added ElBaradei.

Nationwide protests are expected to take place on Sunday, the anniversary of Morsi taking office, to demand early presidential elections and force him to step down.

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